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    This photo shows a young white woman standing on a stage with a toddler's blue plastic push car behind her. Also behind her is a slide that reads "Eileen Herbers, Biomedial Engineering and Mechanics, Measuring the Safety of  Automated Driving Systems: How Safe is Safe Enough?"
    Registration Opens for November 11 Nutshell Games , article

    Pregnant cows in the dark, thought experiments in quantum physics, bees and weed(killer), and the mysterious disappearance of a giant salamander species: all these and many more have been the topics of Nutshell Games talks. What are you pursuing in research? How effectively can you communicate it to an audience who may not speak your research language? Add a 90-second limit to the requirements, and you’ve got the Nutshell Games, a fun and fast-paced presentation competition hosted since 2017 by Virginia Tech’s Center for Communicating Science.

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    This photo shows a stage and a group of a couple dozen people posing for a photo. Behind them is a large slide reading "Virginia Tech's Center for Communicating Science thanks you for joining us for the inaugural Faculty Nutshell Talks!"
    Center Hosts First-Ever Faculty Nutshell Talks , article

    A stop sign, a balance board, a steering wheel, a viola, a magnet model: These were the attention-grabbing props used by the five winners of the first-ever Faculty Nutshell Talks, held September 7 at the Moss Arts Center. The Center for Communicating Science (CCS) hosted a group of 16 courageous faculty members who brought their research to the stage, communicating their work in a mere 90 seconds to an audience of family, students, colleagues, and community members.

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    This image is a flyer for the Faculty Nutshell Talks. Information included on the flyer is also included in the text of the story.
    First Faculty Nutshell Talks Set for September 7 , article

    Sept. 1, 2023. What could possibly be more fun than the Center for Communicating Science’s annual graduate student presentation competition, the Nutshell Games? Come and find out! Please join us for the first-ever Faculty Nutshell Talks! Scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Thursday, September 7, at the Moss Arts Center, this pilot Faculty Nutshell Talks event will feature more than a dozen courageous and groundbreaking faculty speakers.

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    A group of 13 people stand in front of a desk. Behind them is a long red room divider with white “Virginia Tech” on it above the group’s heads.
    New Center Initiatives Expand Reach and Impact , article

    May 18, 2023. Center for Communicating Science faculty are looking forward to developing new projects and working with new collaborators this summer. We also appreciate continued work with others. Our summer initiatives include a German Fulbright "Communicating Across Differences" program, communicating science intensives and workshops for postdoctoral research fellows and NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate participants, workshops with the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity, and more.

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    A group of people sit around a wooden table. On the left side of the table, three black men wearing white, gray, and tan suits from left to right, engage with Patty Raun, center director on the right side of the table, wearing a gray shirt, red scarf and black pants.
    Spring Semester Center Engagements Include Innovation Campus, National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health Programs, and More , article

    May 18, 2023. With rhododendrons in full bloom, it’s hard to remember that this busy semester began in the cold month of January. But it did, and the semester was full of workshops, courses, visits and consultations, and more for Center for Communicating Science faculty and affiliates.

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    A group of students stand in the entryway of an elementary school. The two students on the far left are wearing lab coats, and in front of them, another student wearing a gray coat and red pants kneels down and wears a rabbit costume head.
    Many Thanks to Our Graduate Student Community for Their Creativity, Commitment, and Energy , article

    May 18, 2023. This semester we want to shine a spotlight on just some of the graduate student work related to communicating science that’s happening in our community. The students who take GRAD 5144, Communicating Science, go on to spearhead their own projects, facilitate workshops on behalf of the center, and engage in creative science outreach.

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    A White woman with medium-length brunette hair and glasses, wearing a dark purple blouse, stands at a podium in front of a white board with blue writing and story elements on it.
    Author Rebecca Skloot Shares Science Writing Tips in Narrative Nonfiction Seminar , article

    May 18, 2023. Rebecca Skloot, author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and currently at work on a book about the use of animals in research, visited Virginia Tech April 11. Joined by members of the Lacks family, she delivered the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science’s 2023 Hugh and Ethel Kelly Lecture, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” and led a narrative nonfiction writing seminar for graduate students.

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    An older gentleman stands at the edge of a cliff wearing a dark coat and a black baseball cap. In front of him is a vast ocean with dozens of birds flying above.
    Antiracist Science Communication Subject of ComSciCon-Virginia Tech 2023 Keynote , article

    May 18, 2023. “Indigenous Knowledges are scientific, expert, and valid — and useful,” stated Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq, keynote speaker for ComSciCon-Virginia Tech 2023. Recognizing the truth of that statement is key to antiracist science communication, she said.

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    This image shows the ComSciCon Virginia Tech 2023 logo with those words plus "A Science Communication Conference for Grad Students"
    ComSciCon Brings Variety of Perspectives to Workshops , article

    May 18, 2023. ComSciCon, which began on February 6, encouraged students across disciplines to communicate their work in a more efficient and engaging manner. The Zoom format allowed Virginia Tech’s ComSciCon to host students from outside Blacksburg, including participants from as far away as California and India.

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    A comic with multiple colorful panels depicting stress and sleep.
    Masterclass Helps Participants Communicate Research Through Comics , article

    May 18, 2023. Cartoons aren’t just something you find in the Sunday funnies. Comics can also be an engaging way to tell the story of your research. Workshops facilitated by Cara Bean, Emmy Waldman, and Anna Feigenbaum introduced Virginia Tech students, faculty, and community members to data storytelling through comics.

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    A middle-aged Asian woman with dark hair, wearing a red shirt, and leaves in the background smiles for a professional headshot.
    Virginia Tech First Stop on Hubbard’s Communication Tour , article

    May 18, 2023. The Center for Communicating Science (CCS) was joined by Amy Hubbard, professor and director of the communicology program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, during a planned visit the last week of March. Hubbard, who is currently on sabbatical, is visiting schools with oral communication and communicating science programs, and the VT CCS was the first stop on her tour.

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    A man standing in front of a red-paneled building and windows speaks and holds a paper in his hand. In front of him is a resuscitation dummy wearing a black t-shirt.
    Researchers Bring Their Work to the Public at Monthly Science on Tap Events , article

    May 18, 2023. What do quantum computers, harm reduction, and ovaries have in common? They were all subjects of our most recent Science on Tap events! Read here about speakers Frankie Edwards, Gretchen Matthews, and Camilla Hughes and get the Science on Tap schedule for summer and early fall.

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