Please Join Us at Improv Lab April 25! 

Ready to tune up your listening and awareness skills? Want to learn to say "Yes, and"? Hungry for real connection instead of digital connection? Interested in trying some improv? Join us at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, April 25, at NCB 170 for the third of our spring Improvisation Laboratory events. 

Our workshops and the communicating science graduate course are grounded in applied improvisation, and we are always learning along with our students and workshop participants.  Improvisational Laboratory events allow us to experiment with some new approaches and to get on-the-spot feedback from participants. Your participation allows you to learn about applied improvisation and to build your muscles of connection, communication, and collaboration.

No registration is required, and you don't need to commit to being present for the whole 3-hour session. We'll be meeting Thursday evening in room 170 of the New Classroom Building (NCB), 5:30 to 8:30, April 25. Participants may arrive on the half hour and stay as long as they like. You are welcome to participate a single time or to attend all sessions. We'll be doing different games and exercises every session.

No prior theatre training or improvisation experience is required. Stanford improvisation teacher and author of Improv Wisdom Patricia Ryan Madson says, "Improvising. . .is a way of learning how to be human together in the best possible light." Come join us at NCB 170 as we learn together!