This photo shows about 20 people standing crowded together in a large room. Some have their hands joined together, some have an arm in the air, all are laughing or smiling.
Workshop participants collaborate in a multi-player thumb wrestling tournament. (photo credit: Alexandra Freeze)

Want to join us?

We hope to serve as a clearinghouse of information and a gathering place for those interested in this work. We'd love to know what projects you may be working on! Please let us know of  relevant courses, related programs and projects, useful resources, and training opportunities, seminars, and speakers so we can include them on our resources page. If you'd like to to receive occasional information and updates from us, or share information, please contact center director Patty Raun (

Faculty Fellows program

If you have a related expertise you'd like to share through the center in a more formal way, please contact us. Center Faculty Fellows may offer workshops, help develop materials, engage in research, or write grant proposals with us. Appointments are for one-year terms and come with a stipend.

Please provide a 1-2 page statement of interest and your CV to the director of the center, Patty Raun ( The statement should highlight your expected contributions. We may then request an initial meeting to talk about whether your interests and expertise align with the vision and mission of the center.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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