This photo shows a young man seated on the floor and another standing on a chair. They are looking at each other. Seated audience members look into the performance space from two sides.
Virginia Tech directing instructor Daniel Bird Tobin (on floor) and theatre department post-MFA Al Evangelista (on chair) perform one of their "Animating and Embodying Science" pieces at the Moss Arts Center. (photo credit: Lauren Holt)

Some of the many ways you can participate in the work of Virginia Tech's Center for Communicating Science are: 

  • Signing up to receive our e-newsletter so that you'll hear about upcoming events and projects (send your email address to center director Patty Raun at
  • Competing in or attending our annual Nutshell Games competition, held each fall in conjunction with the Virginia Tech Science Festival
  • Enrolling for our graduate course (Communicating Science, GRAD 5144) or undergraduate course (Introduction to Applied Collaborative Techniques, TA 2404)
  • Letting us know of your interests in this area so that we can work together (contact center director Patty Raun at
  • Applying for Faculty Fellow status (see Join Us)
  • Joining us at a Science on Tap event, held on the fourth Thursday of each month at Rising Silo Brewery in Blacksburg (see Upcoming Events on our Home page)
  • Signing up for or requesting a workshop.

We are growing and we hope you'll join us! 

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