This photo shows 18 people standing in an arc in a large room with hardwood flooring and a white ceiling with chandeliers.
Workshop participants sort themselves by shoe type and exchange information with those near to them in the "shoe lineup." (photo credit: Alexandra Freeze)

Dr. Karen Roberto, University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Institute for Society, Culture and Environment

Dr. Karen DePauwVice President and Dean for Graduate Education

Dr. Rachel Holloway, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Dr. Menah Pratt-Clarke, Vice Provost for Inclusion and Diversity

Dr. Sally Morton, Dean of the College of Science

Dr. Laura Belmonte, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

Ms. Lesley Yorke, Senior Director of Communications, University Relations

Dr. W. Steven Holbrook, Head, Department of Geosciences

Dr. Daniel Breslau,  Head, Department of Science and Technology in Society

Dr. Brian Britt, Interim Director, School of Performing Arts 

Dr. Katie L. Burke

Science Journalist

Digital Features Editor, American Scientist


Dr. Jennifer Case

Department Head, Engineering Education

College of Engineering


Bennett Grooms, Graduate Student, Dayer Human Dimensions Lab

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

College of Natural Resources and Environment


Dr. Bruce Hull

Senior Fellow and Professor of Sustainability

College of Natural Resources and Environment


Dr. Shernita Lee

Director of Recruitment, Diversity, and Inclusion

Graduate School


Dr. Todd Schenk

Assistant Professor, School of Public and International Affairs

College of Architecture and Urban Studies


Bob Whiton

Alumnus of VT

Community member, Chemist, Beekeeper 

Graduate students representing nearly every college at Virginia Tech have taken the graduate-level Communicating Science course over the past five years. A number of them have gone on to win awards at presentation contests and poster competitions, be named as Teaching Fellow, volunteer for the Virginia Tech Science Festival and for other outreach projects, present at Science on Tap New River Valley, the Science Tavern in Roanoke, Sustainability Week, and other venues, start new science outreach projects, initiate a campus-wide communicating science club, host Virginia Tech's first-ever ComSciCon, and apply for jobs related to science communications. Perhaps more importantly, they left the class with new friends and colleagues and new attitudes about communication and connection. We hope they'll take their communication skills out into the world and also that they'll stay connected with us! 

Rachel Rugh, instructor, School of Performing Arts

Jane Robertson Evia, collegiate assistant professor, Department of Statistics

Carlos Evia, associate professor, Department of Communication 

Elizabeth Allen, program associate, Institute for Policy and Governance

Daniel Bird Tobin, post-MFA, School of Performing Arts

Al Evangelista, post-MFA, School of Performing Arts

Cassandra Hockman, communications coordinator, Fralin Life Science Institute

Meaghan Dee, assistant professor, School of Visual Arts

Anne Hilborn, fish and wildlife conservation PhD, Marcella Kelly's lab


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"With rare exceptions, all of your most important achievements on this planet will come from working with others—or, in a word, partnership." 

--Dr. Paul Farmer, Partners in Health